ASIC Miners Guide 2018

On the ASIC Miners market, a giant seems to outperform and have a monopoly: Bitmain.

With advanced marketing techniques by creating rarity around their products and high-performance ASICs at a good price.

Nevertheless, some competitors seem to be beginning to assert themselves, in particular Baikal and Innosilicon.

ASICs allow you to mine a single currency via a proprietary printed circuit board. They are therefore on average 100,000 times more efficient at mining a currency than a processor.

The ASIC market is constantly changing, and not a month goes by today without a manufacturer announcing the arrival of a new, more efficient product.

The volatility of profitability

When a new ASIC appears for a new algorithm, we have a volatility phenomenon on profitability. Thus, it can drop by 30% per week during the first deliveries of ASIC. And this phenomenon is present at the exit of each new ASIC. It is therefore important to take this volatility into account when buying and not to rely on the theoretical profitability calculated by ASIC comparison sites.

To calculate its real ROI, it is necessary to take into account the hype around the current batch as well as the number of machines that will be available.

Evolution of the yield from $120 per day to $6 per day in 1 month for the B3 Miner

The main ASIC algorithms (in June 2018)

ASICs have now succeeded in attacking five major mining algorithms and therefore their corner families.

SHA-256 is a hash algorithm developed by the NSA and widely used in the cryptology world in general, it is used to hash Bitcoin. Among the most famous Bitcoin ASICs, we can mention the S9 family from Bitmain or Halong Mining T1.

Cryptonight is an algorithm specially designed for crypto-currencies, it covers a large family of corners with the Monero and Bytecoin. You will find here the list of corners on the algorithm. The main ASICs are the A8 family from Innosilicon and the X3 from Bitmain.

Blake2 is a hash algorithm developed in 2008 by a team of American developers. It is used in particular for the SiaCoin and the Rod. Innosilicon is the market leader in this market with the D9 and S11.

Ethash is Ethereum’s hash algorithm and was introduced with version 1.0 of the project. Its breaking by ASICs made a big noise, as it was known to be very difficult to break and turned for GPU mining. However, today the performance of Ethash ASICs is not as impressive as that of other algorithms. The best known is the E3 from Bitmain.

Equihash was presented as the inviolable proof of work algorithm, developed in 2017 by a team of researchers from the University of Luxembourg, but it was also broken this year. The main corner supporting this algorithm is the ZCash. The ASICMiner 40K scheduled for July 2018 will be one of the major ASICs in this category.

As we can see, it is now possible to mine very different corners by ASICs. The further we go, the more new algorithms are broken. If your budget allows it, you have a multitude of mining possibilities and strategies available to you, with several different ASICs or with ASICs on very volatile currencies and which are therefore likely to increase in value.

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