The Graphics Card Market

We continue our slide show of the mining market with this time a focus on GPUs Miners.

The GPU market is dominated by two chip manufacturers, Nvidia and AMD. Here the GPUs that will interest us are the serious AMD RX and Vega and the Nvidia 10XX series.

The Current GPU Mining  Market

This year the graphics card market has been a rollercoaster ride, with last summer a mining boom that has resulted in rising prices and very limited stocks on the flagship GPU models to be mined (Notably the RX580 and RX 480). Then an adaptation of the manufacturers with a significant re-stock this autumn but which with a declining market resulted in a significant decrease in the price of GPUs.

At Bitech, despite significant variations, we set the price of minors at least over a year and use the lowest GPU price on the market to ensure our customers the best price/performance ratio.

This has also been subject to wide variations with the development of ASICs, which has taken a considerable share of the mining market (see article on ASICs). Today, we find ourselves with prices equivalent to those before the bubble.

Price evolution of MSI GTX 1070 TI MSIs in March


AMD graphics cards


AMD graphics cards seem to be the most suitable for Ethereum mining, the number 2 crypto-currency in terms of capitalisation and the most mined. With the RX series (RX 570, RX 580, RX 580, RX 470, RX 580) AMD has taken a serious advantage in the mining market and clearly offers the most cost-effective equipment on ETH mining with cards that have a good purchase price and proven efficiency (Good ratio between mining power and power consumption). The RX 580 8G is nowadays the most recommended card for cryptographic mining. Vega, the latest generation of AMD cards, has not been able to convince miners by its much higher price than that of RXs for performance that is not really superior.

AMD cards are recommended for the EThash family cryptos, including the Ethereum and the entire related crypto family.

Nvidia graphics cards 


Nvidia graphics cards, on the other hand, have been less successful with a chipsets architecture less suited to mining algorithms. But seems to have a real renewed interest with the 1080 series and the 1080ti for monero mining (XMR). Despite the development of powerful ASICs on this currency, the flexibility of this card is a real asset for any minor per graphics card. Behind this the statements of the company’s executive seems to believe in mining and unlike AMD can no longer develop technologies dedicated to mining.

To conclude, know that the evolution of the price of mining GPUs clearly varies with the price, we can see a real correlation between the rise of the price with that of demand and therefore the price of GPUs. At Bitech we strive to offer you the best prices on the best mining GPUs. With the advance of ASICs there are real challenges on mining GPUs with the development of GPUs dedicated to mining by AMD and NVIDIA.

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