Sesterce Immersion Solution

Unprecedented density and mobility

HODL’s maximum amounts of crypto mining infrastructure that is physically possible: 224 rigs with 2680 gpu’s total or 560 standard S9/A9/Z9 asic miners in simple and efficient installation.

Accessing Cheap or Excess Energy Capacity

You can run your infrastructure close to standard, solar, hydroelectric or biomass power plants exploiting opportunity of accessible excess or renevable energy to power up your blockchain infrastructure.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

We cut electricity bills by over 30% with our new locally designed a radically new, self-regulating immersion cooling system specifically designed for the blockchain mining industry.

Improving your infrastructure MTBF

Engineered fluid protects your miners from harsh environment – high temperature, humidity, dust and vibration which are major causes of electronics equipment failures.

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Technical Description Of The Box

Most of industry crypto mining endeavours brings significant challenges. Power usage, limited possibility for overclocking, low reliability, huge noise, enormous amount of heat that requires specific location with low ambient temp, large space to space out hot devices and monumental masses of air pushed through systems. Dust, vibrations and humidity degrade already low MTBF.

Small but dense Immersion Mobile Crypto Mining Units as this patent pending 20ft containerised system with immersion liquid cooling technology is the answer for all the problems that bothers industry sized cryptocurrency mining farms.

Modular ILC Enclosures stacked in our rack system protect the electronic equipment from high temperature, humidity, dust and vibration – main causes of electronic equipment failures. Unmatched density of over  2688 GPU cards or 560 standard asic miners in 20ft container space allows to safely transport the system to convenient location with low power cost and convenient legal framework.

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