Sesterce Mining Box


Our all-in-one Sesterce Mining Box provide and ensure location independent scalability.


Electricity acquired directly from the source ensures fixed low price and no downtime.


Once the power is plugged in and there is an established internet connection our Sesterce Mining Box start mining operations automatically.

Cooling optimization

Sesterce Mining has been able to design and develop a highly efficient cooling system adaptable for any climate conditions.

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Technical Description Of The Box

  • 40ft DC Standard Marine Container
  • Housing: 500 – 800 ASIC miners (Depending on model)
  • Power supply: 720kW adjustable according to mining requirements
  • Cooling power: 13000 liters per second
  • Maintenance: remote maintenance for configuration of mining units (mixture of custom and off-the-shelf software)
  • Security: on-site security including video surveillance, air temperature and humidity sensors
  • Ambient temperature in the container: 10-30c
  • Ambient humidity in the container: 25-65%RH
  • Uptime: min 98%
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