Mining Farm

You have a large budget to invest in mining? You have a warehouse or competitive prices on electricity? You want to develop a mining farm?

We can assist you throughout this process, starting with the choice of miners (ASIC or GPU) with decreasing prices according to volumes. The installation of your equipment, the complete farm management software and the maintenance of your farm. (Solution available from $100 000 of investment)

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Services :

the expertise and experience needed to design, build, and manage a Bitcoin mine

We offer cost-effective consulting services which can handle every step of the process.
– all-in build-out construction costs ranging from $200k-$300k per MW (depending on existing infrastructure and connection fees).
– turnkey plans for greenfield sites or custom-tailored designs for existing properties

We can assist with:
– identification and selection of suitable real-estate
– permitting and negotiation with the utility
– the election and management of contractors
– the sourcing of high-quality, certified, and optimal components to cost-effectively build out your electricals and mechanicals
– the provision of networking and software infrastructure
– technician training and ongoing support
– miner acquisition and/or finding customers to host their miners in your space
Per hour/Flat fee rates

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